Critical thinking and move beyond regurgitation of boring repeating information

Asking Questions!

When I was a child, I asked my Mother thousands of questions in a day and everyday.
The questions would be about everything we say, did and someone else was doing. I wanted to know. I have a thirst for knowledge. Many times as many parents do say: “Not now dear” or worse “Ask your Father”. These are the wrong answers.

So having a thirst for knowledge should not just end with the answer “Not now dear”. Keep asking everyone you meet. Talk to everyone and find the answer, the True answer. The answer where people have to think about the knowledge to share. Then you will find the answers to your questions.

This applies to learning at school also. Do not just blindly believe what the Teacher is saying in the class. Question it, look at it and listening the to reason. Maybe the teacher is incorrect or needs to explain in a different way. But if you do not ASK THE QUESTION, you will never know and neither will the Eistein Questioning is Good God.

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