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Sarah Mitchell is an English teacher from Australia. She began teaching High School in North Thailand July 2012, after completed TEFL Course. Before taking this present position her experiences range from teaching Business skills including EBay and online programs to many off line businesses. Teaching English and other useful skills has become a passion filled many enjoyable experiences for Sarah. After daily class lessons, Sarah teaches online to students around the world. Her students include Korean, French, Russian and the Middle East areas to name a few.

Sarah has a degree in Business Administration, and Trade skills include Heavy Vehicle Mechanic and Aquaculture.  She has worked with many industries including Mining in Australia and a diverse range of business from logistics to support service.

After 12 years of Australian Military Service, Sarah began travelling the world and working with many people to solve their difficulties with learning English.  She feels her greatest accomplishment is her five children, which have grown into leaders she can be proud of.

Sarah looks forward to working with you and beginning a new journey together.

It is her great pleasure to serve. Thank you.

CONTACT ME ON: Sarahm@BefreeXPressions.com


Your lesson is perfect for somebody who needs to improve English but does not have time to go places to learn. My children and I do study at home where the place is most comfortable ; we also could save the time without wasting time on the road. We love to use the  sheets that you send us via email, we could keep it ,copy it . It is really useful!
Ms.Sarah always try best to let us have a sheets which we asked . She is kind and intelligence; knows lots of things:)
Lesson with Sarah is really handy and economical if you have a computer and internet line with you.
I could say Ms.Sarah is the best teacher !!  Thank you Sarah!
With many thanks,

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