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BefreeXpressions Overview

This video Series is an introduction to words of the English Language. The series includes all types of words and an example of how they are used in Conversations. Enjoy and please ask any questions you like.

Befree Xpressions with Confidence

Beginning conversations can sometimes be difficult and awkward. What do I say and how do I say it. Watch this video to help build your confidence for all conversations and situations.

BefreeXpressions Nouns

This video series is to introduce the word of Nouns in out language and Conversations. How do we use them, What they are and What do they mean. This video explains all the Nouns for you in simple to understand words. Watch and enjoy.

BefreeXpressions Verbs

The Verb words are Action words and this simple video explains the use and how to identify a verb. Watch and discover the which words are verbs in a conversation. Enjoy and please leave comments below.

BefreeXpressions Adjectives


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